• Laurelhurst Sunroom Pre-Construction Photo

    With years of weather beating down on this poorly designed structure, it was time for an overhaul.

  • Indoor Outdoor Design

    A very dramatic change from the original space. An indoor/outdoor element was conceptualized as a replacement for the original, dated sunroom.

  • Laurelhurst Sunroom using Marvin slidig doors

    The use of Marvin sliding doors with simulated divided lights brought harmony between the original structure and the new space.

  • Laurelhurst Sunroom with fireplace and two radient heaters

    Along with the heat from the fireplace, two radiant heaters were installed to make this outdoor living space comfortable in all seasons.

  • Laurelhurst Sunroom with customized features

    The following customized features were installed to maximize utility: low profile door thresholds; high energy efficiency truss webbing glass; gas connecting for outdoor barbeque; and weather resistant outdoor speakers.

  • Laurelhurst Sunroom with storage and bar area

    Natural beached fir cabinetry makes for plenty of storage and a functional bar area.

  • Laurelhurst Sunroom with Flat Screen Television

    Milestone wall surface, featuring an LED flat screen TV.

  • Laurelhurst Sunroom with gas fireplace

    A double-sided gas fireplace was installed for added warmth and ambiance.

  • Laurelhurst Sunroom with heat mats and glass wall fixtures

    Nuheat floor heat mats under a natural slate tile were installed with comfort and durability in mind. The homeowners added two hand selected Italian Murano glass wall fixtures to add both function and elegance.

  • Laurelhurst Sunroom with cabinetry and milestone wall surfaces

    Cabinetry and milestone wall surfaces are accentuated by under and over cabinet lighting.

  • Laurelhurst Sunroom with handcrafted beached fir trusses

    Handcrafted beached fir trusses were a great way to maximize space and add a high level of character.

Projects > Laurelhurst Sunroom

The primary scope of the project included a complete rebuild of the existing sunroom and adjacent outdoor living space.

Heated slate floors were installed in both the sunroom and outdoor living space to maximize use in all seasons. Milestone interior surfaces were installed throughout the sunroom, providing a warm, inviting ambiance.

The internal exposed beams and cabinetry were comprised of bleached fir. The Marvin sliding glass doors create a seamless blend of indoor/outdoor living.

Absolute General Contractor LLC, Construction & Remodeling Services, Seattle, WA

Vaughan at Absolute General Contractor does an impeccable job. His attention to detail is second to none.

— J&B, Seattle

The project was completed in a timely manner; disruption to our family life during construction was kept to a minimum and the quality of the work was terrific.

— J&D, Seattle